(The Research Was Conducted In The Village Kendeng, Rt 02 and Rt 14 Rural Districts Cikupa Karangnunggal)
  I.            OVERVIEW
Era of globalization the world has implications for the increasing number of changes in living up to the meaning of life for modern man. Changes to lifestyle-oriented development of information technology, also influenced the development of culture, thought patterns, attitudes, and lifestyle (lifestyle) that bersendikan customs, ethics, and religious norms and appreciation of human values.
In this age of advanced serbah, when we need the news or information is very easy to obtain. Of the many technological advances one of them is television. Speaking on television, of course, there are three parties involved, namely the present, which is served and enjoyed. Television which has served as the electronic mass media, even in its simplest form, was able to tickle, influence and lead all mankind to buy and have in various parts of the world that may be, to this day, has produced so many billion television many factories around the world. While the brand, price, quality and the model was already very diverse and a lot of options.
Television with a variety of programs broadcast during this event with various types of information and entertainment shows are always offering a distinct pleasure for the audience. The benefits and usefulness of the television a lot, but compared to the benefits, the benefits of watching television far much less than the harm or loss to be incurred.
Due to this, research on the influence of TV on people's lives is needed to compare the profit-making and loss for the people watching television.
The results in kp Rt 02 and Rt Kendeng 14, according to the narrative of Mrs. and Mrs. UUM Umayyad Emus trick that the entry of television into kp Kendeng around the 1970's with the form of television in the form of black and white television, the channel is also limited and can be counted by finger. At that time rarely has television and only a few people are just people who have a television at that time because citizens kp Kendeng average is dominated by the farmers whose income is not settled and far from enough. A few years later in his hometown Kendeng television users is increasing, according to the times and a much improved economic status, rather less around in 1975, almost all people have a television even if only partially and is dominated by civil servants and who have a large pengasilan.
Growing again as berjalanya time, at around the 1990's television users increasingly stout not only be among people, civil servants and who have large incomes who have a television but now people are also among the medium has had television in every home, more technology more sophisticated because of the current television is not just black and white only, but on television today are more colorful and more clearly seen, as well as the channel-gating is already very very much and the show was already so crowded unlike in ancient times with many variations , from the spectacle of children to adults.
Most of the villagers Kendeng already have television, but on the other hand the existence of television into the pros and cons of the life of the villagers Kendeng. According to Mr. Engkus, as chairman of Rt 014 said, that the presence of television kampong Kendeng very useful to broaden the horizon of knowledge, but on the other hand the number of television shows that do not fit with the culture and customs of the village Kendeng thus, a lot of negative rather than positive impact among young or school age.
Examples of negative and positive impacts as a result of violent television is a demonstration of anarchist students, etc. Tauran child. The positive impact of which is a lot of news shows contain information from around the world, the religious impressions of local information.
Factors affecting the ahlak someone besides heredity and environmental factors, of these two factors to social factors or the environment was a very strong influence in shaping the character or ahlak.
As for the impact that television can memepengaruhi for their society, especially the development of society, including:
a.       Paradigm.
According to Mrs. Yeti, one of the people in the village Kendeng rt / rw 014/05, said that the mindset of people today are very much different from the ancient times. Mindset of today's society always wants berfikiran almost instantaneous, where the patterns of thought have been influenced by the ads that are always promoting the all-powerful stuff .
b.      Attitude
Mr. According to the explanation DKM chairman Rusman Kendeng village explained that adab manners prevailing at the time this is very much different from the ancient times, which in contemporary times, especially among school adolescents are less able to apply the adab manners which should be placed, for example, while it is on foot and through a set of parents who were together, we should say excuse me or "Punten" and wrapped legs and arms when melewatnya, but now most children do not ignore things like that they even go around as they passed by the war, there are signs greet scolds and so on, now adab manners of dahuru planted since the community itself is now almost forgotten.
As for the narrative of many residents who tend to watch television other activities take up a lot of time passed unconsciously, every time a lot of people have free time, they were suddenly invited to sit in front of the television without much intention and plans that had suddenly canceled, because tempted to enjoy a particular event that was broadcast by television.

c.       Lifestyle
The lifestyle of the people before the television came kekampung Kendeng, according to Mrs. UUM Umayyad exposure, as the villagers Kendeng Rt / Rw 02/05, which have long lived kampong is said, that the habit is more terkondisiskan society where everything is according to time, for example when call to prayer echoed immediately suspended all work first, or who was immediately rushed to unwind, while there are no televisions Kendeng villagers rely on radio as a means hiburanya, therefore everything will not be disturbed by the presence of the aircraft radio, since only for could not be heard quite different dilihat.Sangat existing today television, with a variety show ranging from soap operas, news, children's shows, sporting events and TV overseas, it greatly affects the lifestyle of the people who changed very drastic.
In general, the views of any terms of the existence of television is beneficial to society at large. On the other hand the presence of television is also detrimental.
In the opinion of Mr. Eze Zaenudin, as scholars around the village Kendeng said that most of the influence of television which is now mostly bring madarat, because almost all television shows that are in conflict with Islamic principles, so that most young people today become victims of fashion and behavior result from engineering who are in television, especially shows that are in the events contained in such a way that many young people who are interested, the show was packed with many models westernized. Adpun benefits where a lot of information that can add insight and knowledge.

 III.            CLOSING
Based on the above it can be concluded Beginnings Kendeng television entered the village around 1970 - an, kind of television that makes the first time that black and white television. However, over the television age progresses around the year 1975 - an.
Television presence in the village Kendeng have the diverse opinions, pros and cons emerged as the impact of the existence and use of television. Kendeng villagers felt that many of the benefits arising from the television itself, as well as to broaden the horizon of knowledge.
On the other hand the number of television shows that do not fit with the culture and customs of the village Kendeng thus, a lot of negative rather than positive impact among young or school age, as an example of negative impacts, most of whom appear disaluran-channel television, mimicking a crime, such as violence the demonstration of anarchists, fighting between students, vigilante action by community organizations, etc. immoral acts.
The positive impact is felt in the presence of television shows, news shows that many of them contain information from around the world and local information, religious impressions, such as religious lectures broadcast that aired every day on certain channels.


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